Velociped cycles against Corona.

Corona has hit the tourism industry hard. Reason enough for Velociped to roll up its sleeves and, under the motto "Cycling against Corona", to create a safe and successful 2020 cycling season with the greatest possible transparency and accompanying communicative measures.
The communicative goal was to sensitise all partners and customers involved to the extraordinary circumstances and thus to harmonise health-relevant measures, travel fun and economic considerations.


ZECH – network on the Net

With its six divisions, the ZECH Building group of companies attracts a great deal of attention, especially for complex and technically demanding projects. This is because a highly innovative cluster of expertise is at work here, combining all services relating to real estate under one roof. Leiseder Kommunikation Plus puts the idea of cross-linked working into focus.

The most striking measure: Numerous websites have gone online with a new look since the publication of the brand identity developed by Leiseder Kommunikation Plus. In the meantime, the new website of the timber-hybrid construction specialist Cree by ZECH is online and the websites of Kamü Bau, Kamü Projektbau and Muntebau are also freshly launched. Further websites will follow. The aim is to highlight ZECH’s diverse and efficiently linked competencies: integral planning, smart project implementation and the management of a property from a life-cycle perspective.



Square, tactical, smart – a scalable brand concept for ZECH

In the 110th year of its existence, ZECH is formulating ambitious goals and underlining this step with a new brand identity. From now on, the Bremen-based company will present its name in striking capital letters with a blue square background. Leiseder Kommunikation Plus has developed the modular brand. ZECH intends to expand its position as a leading service provider for all aspects of real estate, to push ahead with the digitalisation of success-relevant processes and to give new impetus to building in partnership. Leiseder Kommunikation Plus prepares these topics conceptually, links the necessary measures and implements them creatively – currently already visible in the first newly launched websites:



Innovation support. Or: It's getting lighter and lighter!

Elegance is when someone succeeds in making very complicated things simpler - without losing any of the original intelligence. The engineering company str.ucture has just achieved this feat. Leiseder Kommunikation Plus helped.

str.ucture offers solutions for complex construction planning tasks. In this highly specialized field, not only the tasks are usually demanding, but also the methods. In many projects, different mathematical concepts and modeling standards that are incompatible with each other have to be used. The result: a multiplied time effort - and sometimes even translation errors.

This is where Kiwi!3D comes into play. And we, of course. Kiwi!3D is a software that translates apples into pears without smashing them. Where engineers and designers used to move in completely different worlds, Kiwi!3D is the missing link. The software enables exchange and cooperation where previously there was either silence or miscommunication. Directly at the model level in one direction or the other. Ergo: two professions, one project, one workflow, optimized planning results in less time.

Leiseder Kommunikation Plus has ensured that the message of Kiwi!3D arrives quickly and precisely - via an attention-grabbing landing page and optimal integration into the existing company website.



Gear up with Velociped.

The charm of cycling is essentially based on the fact that it creates immediate experiences. Like a touch - you are right in the middle of it.

The cycling experience is therefore quite immune to digitalisation. Of course, this does not mean that no digital services can be developed that further enhance the immediacy of cycling.

Leiseder Kommunikation Plus has therefore developed and produced a library of video tutorials for the Marburg bike travel company Velociped, which make the on-the-go experience even easier. It covers topics such as the individual setting of a bike, the operation of an e-bike or different gear shift types to tips on how to make GPS-guided tours with your own smartphone.

The videos are available on the Velociped website and on Youtube via the Velociped channel.


ZÜBLIN is getting a makeover. Leiseder assists.

Powerful colour, powerful brand, powerful presentation – if things can be combined so seamlessly, even a logo change is feasible.

During mid-2016, STRABAG SE had taken over the remaining ZÜBLIN minority interests. Only a few months later, the decision was reached to relaunch the brand of the Stuttgart-based construction company. In the future, ZÜBLIN was to slip into the parent company’s corporate design - with a new logo and a red colour scheme.

Since such a major change requires a high degree of communicative sensitivity, STRABAG secured the conceptual and creative support of Leiseder Kommunikation Plus. The Hamburg-based B2B specialists not only developed the roll-out strategy for the logo change, but also designed all the means of communication accompanying the relaunch, for clients, employees, partners and the press. The conception and design of the ZÜBLIN exhibition presence at the trade fair “Deutscher Bautechnik-Tag 2017” was also on the to-do list. It served as a central event for the publicity-effective presentation of the new logo.


Leiseder puts the horsepower of STRABAG onto the road.

Successful appearance at the German Road and Traffic Congress 2016: An extremely well-attended stand - the topics which STRABAG AG presented at this year’s German Road and Traffic Congress proved to be a particular draw for the trade audience. The biennial event, organised by the Research Society for Roads and Traffic (FGSV), took place in Bremen. 2016 focus: “Building blocks for sustainability in road and traffic systems”.

From resource-preserving asphalt use, innovative concrete technologies, or LEAN processes in road building, applications within modern Building Information Managements (BIM) or networked building sites - STRABAG made a highly-relevant contribution to the overriding theme of the trade show.

In order to set the scene convincingly for their own innovation strengths, Germany’s leading transport construction company looked to Leiseder Kommunikation Plus for support. The communications experts from Hamburg developed the trade show concept and ensured the overall design hit the right note.

The result: The trade audience from the worlds of business, research and politics crowded the STRABAG stand and the multimedia presentations of company projects on display. After three days of intensive interaction, you could see satisfied looks on the faces of all the STRABAG representatives. The word is that they were able to make a lot of useful contacts, promising “sustainable” developments.


teamconcept. Short process. Even with challenging construction projects.

20 years of success, and now even more efficient: teamconcept, the partnership model from Ed. Züblin AG, has defined a new performance level.

Along with Leiseder Kommunikation Plus, all process competencies in the company have been translated into a comprehensive system of “open tools”. For the first time, these offer a structured process for all tasks on the agenda in construction projects involving partnerships. For even greater transparency - and even greater certainty that the client’s value creation objectives will be reached reliably.

In parallel with the concept work, a new web presence for the teamconcept model has been developed. In the foreground here: the critical arrangement of the teamconcept philosophy all around the new open tools.


Velociped goes mobile.

Right on time for the launch of the new 2016 catalogue, Velociped also has a new web presence. Even greener, even fresher - and above all incredibly manageable.

In order to give customers the ideal pleasurable “mobile” holiday experience in future too, the German cycling holiday company’s website was given a complete makeover by Leiseder Kommunikation Plus. An absolute must: Compatibility with mobile devices. The aim: to make the process of finding a cycling trip even more inspiring.

In addition, many of the new navigation aids and orientation features were also included in the 2016 edition of the Velociped catalogue. For all-round exciting holiday planning - for paper lovers or mobile and tablet fans.


Zollenspieker Fährhaus opens the new Vinothek after conversion work.

At the end of March, the Zollenspieker Fährhaus opened their converted Vinothek, with open kitchen area, as a new À-la-carte restaurant. Leiseder Kommunikation Plus handled all the communication work for this structural conversion over several months - from announcing the conversion, regular information in the Fährhaus events folder, all the way to a multi-day opening event with online check-in.


FLACHGLAS Wernberg at BAU 2015

FLACHGLAS Wernberg were at BAU 2015 from the 19th to the 24th of January. The world’s leading trade show for architecture, materials and systems takes place every two years in Munich, and this year it broke its own record with over 250,000 visitors. The communication and design concept for the glass refiner’s show stand was developed and designed by Leiseder Kommunikation Plus. Under the heading “360° Glass Services”, the show concept presented the capabilities of FLACHGLAS WEINBERG as a complete glass partner as part of construction jobs. As one of Europe’s leading glass refiners, FLACHGLAS Wernberg produces high-performance functional glazing for buildings and vehicles. The company also acts as a pioneer in the industry, identifying future requirements early and developing corresponding processes and products, in order to meet these requirements.


Züblin: On/Off relationship with ideal presentation

Right from the start, the ingredients pointed towards innovation: an international construction company who had recognised the signs of the times when it comes to digitalisation, a contract model consistently based on partnering, highly motivated staff and an agency that enjoys conjuring up that certain “aha-effect”.

We’re talking about the new teamconcept pre-qualification portal from Ed. Züblin AG. The company’s aim was to make their successful partnering model fit for the networked future. Along with Leiseder Kommunikation Plus, a presentation platform was developed, which can be used online and offline. In no time at all you can produce individually tailored competition presentations via the PQ-Portal, and open them up with the customer.

In parallel with the development of the PQ-Portal, there was an update to the critical teamconcept content. With just a few clicks, the Portal allows the project manager to show how efficient teamconcept processes intertwine to at least meet, if not exceed, the value creation expectations of the developer.


Inside str.ucture – Image brochure for lightweight construction experts

The light construction company str.ucture specialises in developing innovative lightweight construction solutions by means of integral, interdisciplinary thinking. Sounds complicated, and it is. The results are simply impressive. Leiseder Kommunikation Plus’ task was to present the very special engineering performance in research and development, as well as implementation of innovative lightweight construction projects, and make this real for prospective clients internationally. The image brochure demonstrates expert knowledge and lightness. For “lightweight construction is more than a design approach, it’s an attitude”.


Flachglas Group: First impression – fantastic

At least two aspects are important when sending our glass samples: firstly avoiding any shards and secondly, inspiring enthusiasm. Reason enough for the Flachglas Group to ask Leiseder Kommunikation Plus to develop a new packaging portfolio. It had to be a portfolio, because different kinds of glass have different requirements - not just during despatch, but also in personal presentation at the customer.

This resulted in designs where optimal functionality and attractive appearance work together - for model glass presentations which are guaranteed to strike the right note with the demanding target group of architects, planners and project developers.


Hot off the press: the Velociped catalogue 2015!

Always a tire’s length ahead: The new Velociped catalogue for the cycling season 2015, designed by Leiseder Kommunikation Plus, is now available. Under the title “Deutschland macht Laune” (Germany is fun) more than 100 pages enkindle the desire for bike tours to destinations all over the world as well as in Germany.

New category: Both in the catalogue as well as on the regularly updated Velociped-website Leiseder Kommunikation Plus has established a new key issue: “Charm hotels”. In this category bike travellers will spend the nights in exceptionally beautiful and individually furnished hotels – or in really special locations like wineries or wine-growing estates.

Handy guides: Another service highlight designed by Leiseder Kommunikation Plus are the new cycling guidebooks. Apart from detailed route descriptions they provide a compact as well as informative overview of the tours developed by Velociped. Detailed route descriptions, comprehensive maps as well as cultural, culinary and regional highlights – together these tools literally manifest Velociped’s supreme travel know-how. And: The practical compendia optimally complement those tours for which GPS units are available as “tour scouts”.            

Since 1988 Velociped has been organising bike trips and tours in Germany, Europe and overseas. Thanks to a wide range of most diverse bike tours – now even in Vietnam – the Marburg-based company is one of the most successful bike tour operators in Germany.


FLACHGLAS Wernberg on time travel at InnoTrans 2014

From 23 to 26 September the leading trade show for transport technology took place in Berlin: the InnoTrans 2014. Again it was Leiseder Kommunikation Plus who worked out and produced the communication and design concept for the automotive glazing experts’ trade show appearance.

Under the motto “Innovation” guests of the FLACHGLAS booth were invited to go on a twofold journey: On a time-travelling wall Leiseder Kommunikation Plus recalled the innovative highlights of the 75-year-old history of automotive glazing made by FLACHGLAS Wernberg. Moreover visitors were presented with the thinnest and most energy-efficient glass for rolling stock the company has ever developed.   

As one of the leading glass processors in Europe FLACHGLAS Wernberg produces high-performance functional glass for buildings and vehicles. The standard-setting company anticipates future requirements and develops the respective methods and products to be able to meet these requirements optimally.  


New image brochure for hmb Quarzglas GmbH & Co. KG

A consistent overall concept, that convinces on- as well as offline: With this goal Leiseder Kommunikation Plus first developed a new website for hmb Quarzglas and then the new company brochure. After the successful launch of the SEO-conform website the brochure is a further step towards promoting hmb’s market presence sustainably. The brochure for the owner-operated company is now available.

Leiseder’s communication team put great emphasis on hmb Quarzglas’ innovative manufacturing expertise. With customised high-precision products the technology company has become a strong partner for the semiconductor, photovoltaic and LED industry as well as for medical technology sector.


Unique: The online Advent wreath for Das Rauhe Haus

"A little pleasure each day" – thus entitled, the original combination of Advent wreath and calendar can be found on the website of Das Rauhe Haus. Its design is inspired by the Advent wreath invented by Johann Hinrich Wichern, founder of Das Rauhe Haus. By clicking on it, one more virtual candle can be lit each day, complemented by a contemplative saying.

The online wreath, designed by Leiseder Kommunikation Plus, affectionately accompanies visitors through the Advent season. More information on the history of the Advent wreath and on its originator can be found on the website as well.

With approximately 1.000 employees, Das Rauhe Haus provides care and education for more than 3.000 people at 100 locations in and around Hamburg. The participation in society of disabled, young or older people as well as of those in need and the improvement of educational quality by operating their own schools are just two of the key aspects of activity.


Fit occasion for Züblin

Züblin's aestival football cup is an institution. Though out of economic competion, it is one of those events that foster the sense of community and cohesion within a company. It was Leiseder Kommunikation Plus who supplied the communication package for the contest. With key visual and information signage, place cards and match schedule, perimeter banners and photo booklet we shaped the face of the event. It was a great pleasure for us – particularly since the enthusiasm and great fun the Züblin footballers had were a great additional reward for us.   

Direktion Mitte of Ed. Züblin AG focuses its activities primarily in the Federal States of Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony and Thuringia. The construction company considers itself an innovative service provider that offers its clients smooth processes, enhanced efficiency as well as maximum quality and cost assurance.


Leiseder sending Flachglas Nord-Ost on an exceptional mission

Insulatino glass is insulation glass is insulation glass – is an error. With the commissioning of a new manufacturing line and highly sensitive fault scanners the glass processor Flachglas Nord-Ost has taken a further big innovation step. The Osterburg-based company engaged Leiseder Kommunikation Plus to communicate this step to the public with a view to effective acquisition appeal.

The result is a fascinating mailing addressed both to existing and potential new clients enforcing the new dimension of quality at Flachglas Nord-Ost with eye-catching ideas. Based on the tonality of 007, Leiseder give "Mission 2013. Auftrag: Qualität." an emotional charge. The concept supports the promise of advantage through technology making it even testable for the client: he will be offered online and offline an individual "Quality Contact".

Leiseder Kommunikation Plus developed, designed and implemented the complete package of online and offline measures.

The glass processing company Flachglas Nord-Ost provides planners, architects and the industry innovative solutions for customized projects. From single components via special cuts through to constructions fully made of glass. Together with FLACHGLAS Wernberg, Flachglas Schweiz and GLASPROFI, Flachglas Nord-Ost forms the Flachglas Group.


str.ucture builds on Leiseder

Leiseder Kommunikation Plus guided the business start-up of str.ucture with extensive strategic and communicative support.

The young company for innovative lightweight solutions was founded in 2012 having emerged from Studio LD that had already acquired renown in this line of business. Four young engineers got together to give new impulses in a market with high potential for growth.

In order to score with a strong presence right from the start, Leiseder Kommunikation Plus first created the company name str.ucture supported by an extensive communication concept including corporate design and brand presence in all relevant media. The letters str. in the new name of the company signify a declared commitment to Stuttgart, the study location of the four founders and stronghold of innovative lightweight construction in Germany.

The main strength of the Stuttgart-based company lies in turning complex analyses into solutions for challenging lightweight design tasks. The objective is to design structures or components that optimally fulfill their mission with minimal materials usage and manufacturing effort.

The new website is already online at www.str-ucture.com.


Züblin Direktion Mitte bring foremen into focus

They are the real makers on site. Foremen are responsible for both construction work and supervisory tasks. Safety and quality standards on site depend on their efficiency. Enough reasons for Züblin Direktion Mitte to hold a foremen conference on these topics, with strategic and communicative support by Leiseder Kommunikation Plus.

The event took place under the motto "Men at Work" created by Leiseder. The main topics "Safety at Work" and "Quality Assurance" were thoroughly investigated during an extensive exchange of experience and interactive working phases. Both the design of the whole work material and all the other conference equipment were also developed by Leiseder Kommunikation Plus.

As a result, "Men at Work" provided a convincing depiction of the great potential and commitment shown by the Züblin foremen. There were many connecting factors for networking within Direktion Mitte, and tangible target perspectives were developed at the same time in order to enhance in future the success factors for safety and quality.

Direktion Mitte of Ed. Züblin AG is focussing the activities primarily in the Federal States of Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony and Thuringia. The construction company considers itself an innovative service provider that offers clients smooth processes, enhanced efficiency along with maximum cost and quality assurance.


Flachglas Group with more format

FLACHGLAS Wernberg has assigned Leiseder Kommunikation Plus with the relaunch of their company magazine FAKT. Background and objective was not only an updated editorial design but mainly the common branding for the Flachglas Group.

As of now, the former in-house Wernberg media is to serve as a magazine of the whole Flachglas Group in order to potentiate the communication, transparency and felt shared group identity. The bi-annual FAKT now appears in a journalistic look of a modern, compact newspaper in A3 format.

The journal redesign is part of a package of communicative and strategic measures created by the agency to present the common identity of the Flachglas Group.

FLACHGLAS Wernberg is one of the leading glass processors in Europe. For over 70 years the company has been producing high-quality functional glass for buildings and vehicles. Together with Flachglas Nord-Ost, Flachglas Group Switzerland and GLASPROFI, FLACHGLAS Wernberg is forming the Flachglas Group. All companies involved will gradually adjust their complete public image to the new uniform appearance.